Development of information technology means there is a growing amount of data of various sizes, which is being stored.

Additionally, there is a need for efficient classification of stored documents, as well as a need to control the flow of documents prior to entry into the ERP SW. If needed, our clients can gain access into our DMS SW. In the document management system it is possible to:

  • store documents

  • classify documents

  • search documents

  • create individual rules for processing documents prior to entry into the ERP SW

  • link documents in DMS and ERP

OCR technology

Those companies with a large volume of input documents, that cannot be imported into the ERP through XML, TXT and other formats, can process these documents using OCR technology. The document is optically scanned and stored in the DMS. After subsequent approval it is automatically exported into ERP SW, where the bookkeeping takes place.

Thanks to that design, our customer has access to effective tools for document management without a need to invest in the purchase of modern information technologies.

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