The payroll process takes place monthly on our software and in our offices.

On the basis of source materials from the client, supplied electronically or by mail, the wages are processed for the relevant month and then documents including wage slips are sent to the client for payment.. The required reports are simultaneously submitted to the relevant institutions. Communication with regard to wages and handover of the wage slips is subject to strict requirements for data confidentiality, Therefore all staff are bound by a confidentiality clause. The processing of the payroll agenda includes arrangement of administration relating to the recruitment of new (including foreign) employees and the termination of existing contracts of employment. Upon request from the client we also oversee the selection process and will consult in the field of human resources.

We also offer processing of the payroll agenda for foreign employees who are Czech tax residents. We secure their registration for social and health insurance at the Employment Office upon the commencement and termination of their working relationship, whether they are EU citizens or from other countries.

We also provide the following auxiliary services within the payroll agenda:

  • checking of configuration of payroll system

  • monitoring of changes to prescriptions and the Labour Code

  • checking of labour law documents and internal company prescriptions relating to calculation of wages

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