In case you do not have your own ERP system, it is possible to use ERP SW that is installed and managed on InterGest’s servers.

The following steps mark a process of successful implementation of ERP:

  • The set up of an implementation team which will include representatives of the customer and InterGest. Each member has defined scope of responsibility for its part of implementation.

  • The analysis of customer requirements for ERP and analysis of key and secondary processes are extremely important parts of the implementation. The analysis may include optimization of internal company directives.

  • Analysis results and analysis as a whole is distributed for comments to all members of the implementation team and/or other key users of SW. Initial implementation only takes place after the solving if all issues and comments.

  • Part of the initial implementation is import of portfolio data (customers, clients, ledgers, inventory items, …) and software parameterisation according to analysis.

  • The next step is training of users to work with the SW.

  • Following the review of all comments from users during training their trial processing, a full operation will start. Users have on-line support for non-standard cases or for explanations of each function of SW.

Implementation includes adjustment of printing forms according to the client’s requirements and settings of reports for the management and controlling department.

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