While performing our bookkeeping and accountancy services, we will use our own office space, or in specifically requested we will attend the offices of the client.

We are not limited to a specific software package. Should you be so desire, all your information will be administered on ERP, which will be parameterised to meet your requirements and to which you shall have on-line access. Another option is the performance of accountancy on your own ERP. It is no obstacle for us to keep your agenda for example in SAP R3 or Infor Lawson.

An integral component of our provision of bookkeeping and accountancy is preparation of reports as required by the company management of the customer or its parent company. Communication in English or German language represents no obstacle to us whatsoever.

In the field of accountancy services we offer the following:

  • bookkeeping and accountancy

  • on-line access in the case of use of our ERP

  • methodical support

  • reconstruction of accounting agenda

  • accounting supervision (external head accountant with client)

  • checking of accounting processing, professional supervision of employees within client’s firm

  • processing of statements

  • warehouse management, including inventory support and stock taking

  • administration of your financial resources

  • processing of statement of accounts and other statements

  • representation of client in proceedings with authorities

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