About us

The original company InterGest Czechoslovakia was founded by Petr Schmiedberger in 1992, who was also the company CEO from the beginning. After the breakup of the country and the establishment of the Czech Republic in 1993, the company name was changed to InterGest CZ s.r.o.

Petr Schmiedberger originally conducted scientific and research work at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, after which he worked on various international projects in the field of high technology, and later also in foreign trade. During his co-operation with foreign subjects he gained several important contacts. On the basis of his long-term – more than 30 years – experience in business and thanks to his foreign contacts, he arranged the establishment of InterGest in the then Czechoslovakia, together with Dr. Heinz Anterist, with whom he had been in contact since 1988.

Once your company has developed its home market as far as possible, it will undoubtedly wish to expand into foreign countries. We believe the member states of the European Union are a good place to begin with new territory rollouts. We are here to offer you our assistance in any foreign country you may choose  to operate subsidiary companies in.. We have a wealth of experience in delivering administrative services and accountancy for foreign subjects. We are able to adapt software, the form of statements and reporting for the parent company “tailor made” to the wishes and requirements of the client. Thanks to the support of InterGest Worldwide S.A.A. and its global network of partners, we can consult them on a diverse range of services you may require, not only within individual territories, but also on your individual requirements, and thus accommodate these in the most diverse specific conditions of business.

Our aim is thus to accommodate your requirements in the broadest possible manner , regardless of the current market development, price relations, the present economic situation and differences in the financial sphere of business. However, an integral and core element of our services is the provision of administrative services and accountancy according to the regulations in  a given country, and in the corresponding foreign language.

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