You needn’t invest your own resources in ERP or other modern software technologies


InterGest is more than a supplier of financial services, it consists in the delivery of paper documents and their entering into accounting records. We are also aware of the fact that accounting without links to the financial management and preparation of reports containing KPIs is totally inadequate nowadays.

In order to meet the increasing demands on the automation of business processes and to improve business management tools, you need to constantly develop the information technology and knowledge of users. For these reasons, we focus on the development of technologies and knowledge, namely:

  • system for sending and storing electronic documents between the customer and InterGest;
  • use of EAN codes in the workflow of documents and property records;
  • workflow for documents that are entered in accounting records;
  • providing ERP SW on SaaS basis, including the implementation and follow-up support;
  • knowledge of ERP systems used by our clients such as SAP R3, INFOR, IFS Applications, etc.;
  • reporting system accessible to users via a web browser ("thin client").

 More information about the technologies we use can be obtained here:

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