We try to constantly innovate the concept of our services in order to reduce the time needed to process all business agenda

Our objectives

Our company’s aim is indisputably not only to prosper, but also to expand into further countries, in particular the states of the European Union. We are here to offer you our assistance in any other country in which you could manage your affiliate companies in the same manner as the local competition. We have a wealth of experience in securing all administrative services and accountancy for foreign subjects. We are able to adapt software and the form of statements and reporting for the parent company “tailor-made” to the wishes and requirements of the client. Thanks to the support of InterGest Worldwide S.A.S. and its global network of partners, we can consult them on the variability of services for you not only in individual territories, but also on the differences in clients’ needs, and thus accommodate you in the most diverse specific conditions of trading.


Our target is to accommodate your needs in the widest possible field, without regard to the current market development, price relations, present economic situation and the differences in the financial sphere of business. An integral and main component of our services however is primarily the management of administrative services and accountancy according to the customs in the given country and in the corresponding foreign language.

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